Are salvestrols safe?

Even at well beyond the recommended number of Salvestrol Points per day there is no known toxicity, even for diabetics. However, Salvestrols should not be used by pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.

What’s in the capsules?

Salvestrols are made from extracts organically grown fruites which have not been genetically modified or treated with pesticides or anti-fungal agents (the content of each capsule is listed on the product label). Salvestrols are encased in vegetable capsules.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known issues with Salvestrol Platinum.

Will salvestrols interfere with drug therapies?

Salvestrols are a food supplement and should not interfere with drug therapies unless such therapies restrict intake of the fruit sources listed on the product label. Please note that salvestrol products do not contain naringenin, a compound commonly found in grapefruit which may interact with several CYP enzymes and could therefore interfere with some drug therapies.

If you or your physician are uncertain, stop using salvestrols several days prior to treatment and do not continue their use until several days after treatment has finished.

What can help salvestrols work better?

Taking multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements at the recommended daily allowance can increase the effectiveness of salvestrols. The specific enhancers are Biotin (Vitamin H, or Coenzyme R), Niacin (Vitamin B3), cobalamin (vitamin B12), magnesium, and selenium. Niacin, in a form that does not cause flushing or a skin rash (Nicotinimide), was previously included but is not present in the current formulation. These enhancers can be commonly found in daily vitamin and mineral supplements.

A Probiotic can improve the uptake of salvestrols; Probiotics are available at any health food store and many drug stores. Probiotic yogurts are available at most grocery stores and if you have problems swallowing capsules you can break them apart and mix them in the yogurt. It is important not to be anemic so a good source of iron is beneficial, as is vitamin C. Exercise is important to increase oxygen levels, especially about three hours after taking salvestrols. Finally, consider eating organic foods as much as possible.

What should I avoid while taking salvestrols?

The CYP1B1 enzyme can react with many different substances aside from Salvestrols. The life cycle of the enzyme is about 3 days (that is, each molecule of CYP1B1 is replaced by a new one roughly every three days).

Some substances inhibit the CYP1B1 enzyme. Once an inhibitory substance reacts with the enzyme it is prevented from metabolising and activating Salvestrols. If inhibitors are present in your body, they will compete with Salvestrols to react with the CYP1B1 enzyme. The competition will depend, in part, on the relative levels of both the inhibitors and the salvestrols and their affinity for CYP1B1.

The inhibition from some inhibitors will last the full life cycle of the enzyme. It is important to reduce or eliminate exposure to inhibitors to give Salvestrols their best chance of being activated. Strong inhibitors of CYP1B1 include carbon monoxide (e.g. in tobacco smoke), vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin or laetrile), resveratrol, and naringinen (from grapefruit). Weaker inhibitors include hesperetin, cannabis, gingko biloba, ginseng and St. John’s wort. Artificial sweeteners can interfere with the absorption of Salvestrols.

Certain agrochemical fungicides can also be a problem and these are doubly problematic. When used on crops they impair the plant’s production of salvestrols. The plants will only produce the salvestrols in abundance when under attack from pathogens. But, in addition, inside the body these same fungicides can inhibit the metabolic activity of the CYP1B1 enzyme in the same way as does Vitamin B17, i.e., binding with the enzyme in a benign manner and thus blocking the metabolism of Salvestrols.

As a further complication, agrochemical fungicides are used in agriculture but are also found elsewhere which makes their avoidance difficult. Fungicides can be used on golf courses, public park areas, in new carpeting, dandruff shampoos, house paints and can be added to the cleaning agents used when heating ductwork is cleaned.

Are Salvestrols antioxidants?

Some salvestrols are antioxidants and some are not. Antioxidants work by reducing cell DNA damage from free-radicals whereas salvestrols work through a specific mechanism that acts after cell damage has occurred, that is, they are effective beyond the point where normal antioxidants cease to be useful.

Are salvestrols suitable for children?

Yes, but children younger than twelve (12) years old should only take salvestrols under guidance from a physician.

Is resveratrol a salvestrol?

Yes, but it is not possible to dose it effectively. Although resveratrol is good, its effective dosage range as a salvestrol is very narrow. At higher concentrations, it is an inhibitor of CYP1B1. It is not possible to determine the dose at which the inhibition starts but we know that it is very low. Given this, it should be avoided while taking salvestrols.